Pretty straight forward eh?

Pretty straight forward eh?

FlashMe Features

Are you fed up with dull, standard LED colours for your text notifications? Well be glum no longer my friend as FlashMe is here! FlashMe allows you to personalise your text alerts by assigning specific colours to your best buds. Thus you can identify the sender of a text before you even unlock your phone!

What’s more, you can even change the default text LED alerts to distinguish from other notifications.

The array of colours is completely determined by how fancy the LED in your phone is! For instance most Motorola’s are ace, with the swankiest LED imaginable.  HTC’s however have created specific driver restrictions that mean the LED colour cannot be changed.  There is nothing software can do about this!  (If you’re feeling particularly riled, send a strongly worded email to HTC)

If your LED does not flash as predicted then it is likely that your phone is incompatible with technologies that alter the LED settings.

FlashMe adds to the current functionality, leaving all your other settings (email, facebook etc.) completely unharmed!  A definite plus!

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Chris: That'd certainly work as the icon, it's got both aspects of your app, colour and an envelope.
Me: But do you like it?
Chris: Yeah.


FlashMe is here!

Android LED Notifications have been a boring green for too long!

FlashMe is a new lightweight, intuitive app that changes the colour of your LED depending on who has texted you.

Blackberry’s have had similar functionality for ages but no one has written a neat app for android phones until now…